ISACA CMMI Partnership

ISACA/CMMI Governance

ISACA owns and continually improves the CMMI model and authorizes partner organizations around the world to leverage the CMMI intellectual property to deliver CMMI appraisals and conduct official CMMI training. ISACA also performs quality reviews and audits of services delivered by authorized partners.

Asterism - CMMI Partner

A CMMI Partner Organization is a company that has licensed with ISACA to deliver CMMI services to end-user organizations looking to implement CMMI to achieve their business goals.

For a Partner Organization to deliver official CMMI services, they need to sponsor certified individuals who have been trained and certified in delivering high-quality appraisal and training services.

Partner-Sponsored Individuals

Lead Appraisers help identify improvement opportunities, drive the CMMI appraisal for organizations through the planning and preparation process and determine the organization's performance capability or process maturity level.

Instructors educate CMMI users through CMMI courses to successfully achieve learning objectives and/or certifications.